It’s a Lifestyle Change!

Weight loss is a lifestyle change that requires a proper balance between healthy eating habits and exercise.  However, we each have specific goals that sometimes can be an extra level of difficulty in achieving.  Whether it is getting you jumpstarted into your lifestyle change or getting you over that “hump”, Semaglutide can help get you there!

What is it and how do we compound Semaglutide?

RYBELSUS® (Semaglutide) tablets is a prescription medicine used to lower blood sugar and treat Type II diabetes.  Semaglutide works by mimicking GLP-1, a hormone released in the intestine that aids in digestion and appetite suppression.  It triggers the pancreas to release insulin, blocks other sugar sources, and slows down the stomach emptying to keep you full longer.  By slowing down your stomach from emptying and decreasing your appetite, semagluitide causes you to eat fewer calories and lose weight effectively.

The Process

It’s Simple!  Click the buttons below to print the forms and bring them to your prescribing doctor.

  1. Click the forms below and print.
  2. Bring to your doctor’s office.
  3. Have your doctor complete the prescribing form and fax to our pharmacy.
  4. We’ll call you confirming your order and have it made just for you!

You’ve Got This!

For best results we recommend that you research and find the best meal plan and exercise regimen that fits your needs. Personal trainers and dieticians are excellent resources that we would recommend. However, with proper research these options are not required. Getting a jumpstart with Semaglutide will help get you there! Call us today to get you started on your weight loss journey to a new better and healthier you!

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