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Compounding for Men’s Health

Andropause is to Men as Menopause is to Women ! As men age their bodies begin to change, hormones levels begin to drop off, and this is called Andropause. As each person’s requirements are unique, the treatment should be compounded specifically to meet each individual’s needs. Men in their 40’s may start to show symptoms like Fatigue, Depression, Loss of Sex Drive, Irritability, Loss of Muscle Mass, Anxiety, Loss of concentration, Lack of interest in things and loss of erections.

Did you know?

Testosterone is best applied to the skin in a cream form. It’s rapidly absorbed through the skin and can be easily adjusted if necessary.

After an initial consultation, our Pharmacist will work with you and your physician to make the optimal combination of Bio-Identical Hormones specific to your and your symptoms. We will develop a treatment plan designed for you and provide recommendations to your physician. At Medicine Man Pharmacy, we use as a guide for Testosterone replacement the dose Harvard Medical School recommends. (link attached)  We at Medicine Man Compounding Pharmacy are committed to helping you obtain the most benefit from Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy.

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